Hannah Infinity Free Cowl Pattern

Hannah Infinity Scarf

Free Crochet Pattern

Hannah Infinity Cowl

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I kept envisioning a crochet pattern for a cowl or scarf that broke the rule of not twisting your chain or stitches when joining in the round.  I love how the Hannah Infinity Cowl turned out and hope you do too!

Named after my gorgeous niece, Hannah, this Infinity Cowl is easy to crochet & the twist gives it that little extra OOMPH!  I used Red Heart Soft Essentials Yarn to create this pattern.


SKILL:     Easy
GAUGE:   12 DC = 3 Inches
HOOK:      K/6.5
YARN:       5 OZ. (131 Yards) RED HEART SOFT ESSENTIALS (Peony Shown) or your favorite #5 yarn.
SIZE:        15” W x 11” L


  • CH: Chain
  • DC: Double Crochet
  • HDC: Half Double Crochet
  • RND: Round
  • SS: Slip Stitch
  • ST: Stitch(es)


  • The CH 1 & CH 2 at beginning of rounds does not count as a stitch.
  • To create the twist: Before joining the DC round, twist row (hand opposite your hook) completely around so that it twists.  You will be crocheting in the top of the row as normal.

CH 86.  Join with a SS to create a ring without twisting.

RND 1:  CH 2.  DC in same ST as join & in each CH around.  (86)

Here is where you will create the twist.  See NOTES above. 

RND 2:  CH 1.  HDC in each DC around.  Join round with a SS.  (86)

RND 3:  CH 2.  DC in each HDC around.  Join round with a SS.  (86)

RND 4 – 15:  Repeat RND 2 – 3.  (86)

Fasten off & weave in ends.


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