Tapestry Crochet – Adding Colorwork to Projects

Fingerless Gloves – Tapestry Crochet © SouthPaw Stitchery

I love tapestry crochet as it allows you to add colorwork to your crochet projects.  By using one or more strands of yarn, you carry and wrap colors in the stitches of the working color.  Then colors are switched by following a pattern to make a specific design.

The fingerless gloves (picture above) I made using a  tapestry crochet pattern.  Tapestry crochet is considered easy because it uses single crochets.  However, if you crochet too tightly your project will buckle.  If you make your stitches too loose you will see the carried color through the project.  So you want to make sure you are using just the right tension to avoid both of these.

I found an affordable, 38-page download for tapestry crochet instructions & some very nice patterns on  Annie’s.  

Learn to Tapestry Crochet includes basic steps on how to carry and wrap yarn, change colors, step-by-step photos, written instructions and charts. A great learn-to book! Also included are 6 projects perfect for a beginner.

If you are a lefty like me, tapestry crochet charts, like most crochet diagrams, you must follow from right to left.  A left handed person crochets from left to right.  At one time I would recreate charts/diagrams so I could read them from left to right.  I no longer do.


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