My Top 7 Best Selling Crochet Items at Craft Fairs

I like to sell my crochet items I make at craft fairs to help gain exposure for SouthPaw Stitchery & to supplement online sales.  With my health issues I can’t do a lot but I try for at least once a month from Fall to Winter.  I also do a show in late February that allows me to sell Spring and Summer crochet items.

When I first started selling at craft fairs & craft shows, I didn’t know what to expect or what items would be popular. It took some trial and error but I now know mostly what sells best & what doesn’t.

7 Best Selling Crochet Items at Craft Fairs

  1.  Fingerless Gloves – Fingerless gloves are very popular at craft fairs in our Pennsylvania area.  I always make sure I keep extra sets made because they are sure to be a big seller.
  2. Dishtowels, Dishcloths, Washcloths, etc. – Always popular items any time of the year are the kitchen & bath cloths & towels.  These are normally the less expensive items I have at my stands but they really sell.
  3. Boot Cuffs – Boot cuffs, like fingerless gloves, are very popular in our area.  I try to make matching sets with the same pattern stitch for boot cuffs & fingerless gloves.  It can be an upsale for you – especially around the holidays.
  4. Coffee Cozies & Travel Mug Cozies –  I sell these like crazy especially around the holidays.  I have had customers buy them for their entire office staff.  They are less expensive items but made in quantity it adds up.

5.  Scarfs/Cowls – I try to have a nice variety of different scarves & cowls available at craft fairs to meet the needs of different customers.  Buttoned scarves/cowls are very popular.  Traditional neck scarves are still a staple to have on hand as well.

6.  Hats –  I sell a lot of hats at craft fairs, mostly beanie hats & slouch hats for women & girls.  This is another item that I try to pair with scarves & cowls with the same pattern stitch.  Makes a great upsale item!

7.  Home Decor Items – Pillows, placemats, mazon jar covers, coasters….I sell these items well at most craft fairs.  I make matching pillows & mason jar covers; matching placemats & coasters (again as an upsale).


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