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Crocheting Left Handed In A Right Handed World


It is estimated that approximately 10% of the world’s population is left-handed with the majority of those being men.  So if you are a left-handed female & you crochet, you swim in a very small pool of like-minded peers.  I am proud to be a leftie & embrace it.  It hasn’t been easy, however, learning how to do many things in a right-handed world.  I have always been a creative person from playing piano, violin, singing, crocheting, & many other things.  Learning to crochet was very difficult but I believe being left-handed gives me the will to persevere in most situations.

My aunt taught my sister & I how to crochet when we were very young.  Back then (more than 4 decades ago) we didn’t know that by sitting across from each other she could have taught me easier.  After we both cried from frustration, I learned to crochet.  There are myths and stigmas given to lefties that are crazy.  I remember my grandmother feeding my cousin when she was a baby.  My cousin would go to reach for something with her left hand & my grandmother would say, “No, we don’t use our left hand.  That’s not the right way to do things.”  But that was how people thought especially the older generation.

A myth surrounding left handed crochet is that it can’t look as good as if were made right handed.  NOT TRUE.  Left-handed crochet is just as beautiful and professional as thouse who crochet right-handed.  Another myth is that left-handed crocheters can’t use regular crochet patterns.  Also NOT TRUE.  A crochet pattern works the same regardless of hand dominance.  The only difference is that a leftie begins their rows from left to right.  Right-handed crocheters begin rows right to left.

Crochet charts are a different story but once you get used to using them it is not hard to follow.  Crochet charts will start from right to left.  A left-handed crocheter will need to remember while she (or he) is crocheting from left to right, charts will need to be followed right to left.

It is completely possible for right-handed crocheters to correctly teach lefties how to crochet, and vice versa. Of course, given the greater number of right-handed crocheters, your prospective right-handed student may want to try to find another teacher for the easiest time all around, and it’s always nice to find a left-handed teacher yourself. However, there’s no reason it can’t be done.  The most important thing to remember is that when mimicking a teacher who uses the opposite hand, you only need to mirror their motions, not do the complete opposite.

If you take a close look at my stitches above, can you tell I crochet left-handed?  The only thing that may be different is my stitches will slant in the opposite direction of a right-handed crocheter.   If you are a leftie, embrace your uniqueness!


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