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How Do You Organize Your Yarn Stash?

I worked in office administration for years & I have always loved to be organized. But trying to figure out how to organize my yarn stash has been a trial and error process.

I have tried different ways of organizing my wonderful skeins of yarn & I didn’t like any of them. Like an answer to a prayer, I received an email from Lion Brand Yarn sharing ways different crocheters & knitters organize their stashes.

I have a lot of yarn in different weights.  How I decided to organize my yarn stash was to put weight sizes together (shown in photo above & below).

The other way I organized some of my yarn was by fiber type. Because I have a lot of cotton & cotton-blend yarn, I chose to keep these yarns in a container by themselves.

My last container of yarn is all Lion Brand Bonus Bundle Touch of Alpaca yarns. Because these are jumbo size I chose to keep them together.

The containers & bins I used were all ones I had in my home.  I love my 3-drawer container (seen in first picture); however, I don’t have enough room for another one.  I typed & printed out the labels seen on the containers using card stock.  Easy & I was done in 30 minutes!

How do you organize your yarn?  I would love to hear your tips!!


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